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Baku is Calling is offering professional tourism services in Azerbaijan. There is no need to leave your comfort zone, no need to visit conventional travel agencies multiple time and call them. Just tell us the details of what you want to do, we will organize it for you with help of our experienced supplier base.

  • We offer trips to all regions of Azerbaijan including accommodation, transportation and guide
  • We do not sell you a tour that is offered to all customers. We take your request and build a customized tour for you based on that.
  • You can add any service you want, ask for any trip inside Azerbaijan. In addition to trips, we can organise events and team-building activities on demand.

The customer journey starts with a filled enquiry on the website where you share some details like when you plan to visit, how many people visiting, which places you would like to visit and what additional services you require for your vacation in Baku and Azerbaijan.

  • Later, we come back to you with an offer according to your demands. Then the modifications are done based on your requirements again.
  • The agreement is being done between us and you. The payments are done for service providers which is needed to be prepaid.
  • In the last stage, you just visit Azerbaijan and enjoy your trip here.

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Tourism Services in Azerbaijan

Services offered in Baku and all the regions of Azerbaijan can be found below

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Transportation in Azerbaijan

According to the size of your group and needs we offer transportation. The service includes airport transfer, transportation for the trip destinations and transportation in free hours.

Accommodation in Azerbaijan

The place to stay during your trip is going to be provided according to your needs.You have option to choose Hotel, Hostel, Apartment or custom venue for your events.

Guide in Azerbaijan

The Guides are offered according to the customer needs. Generally the guides are speaking English however based on the group travelling we offer custom languages as well.

Trips and Activities in Azerbaijan

Some of the most popular trips around Baku and Azerbaijan are mentioned below. You can choose multiple trips from this list or ask for a special trip for the period you are going to stay in Azerbaijan. Our team will prepare the most efficient trip in Azerbaijan for you.

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Baku Old Town

Old Town (Içərişəhər)

Home to multiple UN world heritage sites, Old Town is considered as one of the main attributes of Azerbaijan history. The trip would take around 4 hours including museums. Including the tour guide, photo sessions the Baku old town walking tour is free.

Haydar Aliyev Center

Baku Museums

Baku is home to multiple museums displaying ancient, modern, local and global pieces. The trip usually takes one day according to the number of museums visited. Including tour guide the Baku museums tour is free.

Sheki Azerbaijan

Sheki (Şəki)

Located on Northern Azerbaijan. Home to a UN world heritage site, delicious local food and warm locals. The trip usually takes 1 full day. Including accommodation, tour guide and breakfast the price of the Shaki tour is 20 EUR per person.

Shamakhi Azerbaijan

Shamakhi (Şamaxı)

Famous for its wine, grape plantations and Astrophysics observatory center. The trip takes 1 full day. Including accommodation, tour guide and breakfast the price of the Shamakhi tour is 30 EUR per person.

Qobustan Azerbaijan


One of the oldest inhabited places in Azerbaijan, home to ancient drawings and multiple mud volcanoes including world's highest. The trip duration is 5 hours. Including the tour guide the Gobustan tour is 10 EUR per person.

Qabala Azerbaijan

Gabala (Qəbələ)

Located on Northern Azerbaijan, famous for its winter resort, nature and recent growth pace.The trip can take up to 2 days. Including accommodation, tour guide and breakfast the price of the Gabala (Tufandag or Shahdag) tour is 30 EUR per person.

Naftalan Azerbaijan


A city in central Azerbaijan, famous for its unique medical oil treatment for multiple diseases. The trip duration can vary according to treatment duration. Depending on the purpose of the tour, the Naftalan tour can be 50 EUR for 1 day including SPA, accommodation and breakfast otpion and 100 EUR with 1 week oil treatment option.

Lahij Azerbaijan

Lahij (Lahıc)

A Village in the top of mountains considered as home of craftsmanship. A great place to enjoy the natural village life and breathtaking nature views. The trip takes up to 1 day. Including accommodation, tour guide and breakfast the price of the Ismayilli Lahij tour is 30 EUR per person.

Goygol Azerbaijan

Goygol (Göygöl)

Located in western part of Azerbaijan, The lake is created after earthquakes in the mountains. The trip to this astonishing natural landmark usually takes 1 full day. Including accommodation, tour guide and breakfast the price of the Goygol and Ganja tour is 35 EUR per person.

Ateshgah Azerbaijan

Ateshgah and Yanar dag

A temple located close to Baku, built by the Hindu community. A landmark to learn about fire worshipers. The trip duration is around 4 hours. Including tour guide the Ateshgah Yanardag tour is 10 EUR per person.

Mountain Azerbaijan

Mountain Hiking Tour

The hiking tours are organized in either Greater Caucasus or Talish mountains. The height, difficulty and the duration vary according to the chosen destinations. The tours can be from 1 day to 3 days, including accommodation in guesthouses or tents. The price varies according to the choice.



In this website you can find the website where you can apply for the visa to Azerbaijan electronically. To get a visa you need to have a valid passport for 3 months beyond your visit.

In this website you can find the information about Azerbaijani culture shared by the ministry. You can check the schedule for different concerts, exhibitions, cinemas and theater.

In this website you can find information about the tourism potentials of Azerbaijan. You can check all the must see places and the stories behind all those landmarks.


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